Saturday 4th   august 2018

Entry 4 euros. Free for children under 12 years old.

In front of the castle

5.00pm : Opening the site.
Experience life in the Middle Ages, discover the camps, the market and the musical entertainment by "La Belle Aurore" and "Sonneurs de Brann"

8.15pm : Medieval Ball
Discover music of the Middle Ages with "Sonneurs de Brann" and participate in various Medival Dances


5.00pm-7.00pm : Tournaments of archery and sword fighting. VComme and see the qualifications for the jousting finals.

9.30pm : Follow the adventures of Rigoletto and Greu and be surprised by the horseriders of Retz.

10.15pm : Nightime spectacle: "The Fallen Prince" - History of the Conflict.


At the end of the display do not miss "The illumination of the castle"
- Toilets - Drink stalls - Food stalls
* Timetables could be modified.
* Domestic animal are forbidden on site