Sunday 5th   August 2018

Entry 7 euros. Free for children under 12 years old.
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Location 1 : In front of the Castle

10.30am : Introduction by Rigoletto, his musiciens and stilt walkers.

2.00pm   : A show with jesters ("Les Boufonneries de Rigoletto")
                   Followed by The Grand Parade.

3.00pm   : Comic show by "Les Catapultés"

5.00pm   :  Jousting with sacks over the most.

5.30pm   : Comic show by "Les Catapultés"

6.30pm   : Attack on the Castle.

7.25pm   : Soule (ancestor of rugby and soccer)

9.10pm   : Comic show by "Les Catapultés"

9.45pm   : Spectacle of dancing.

10.30pm : Nightime show "The Fallen Prince" Medieval show by "Les Amis du Vieux Château"

Location 2 : Jousts

3.00pm   : First session of tourmaments of sword fighting and archery up to the Quarter finals.

3.30pm   : Archery on horses by the group equestrian Capalle.

4.00pm   : Initiation in archery for children.

5.00pm   : Second session of sword fighting tourmaments up to Semi-finals.

5.30pm   : Horses Acrobatics by the group equestrian Capalle.

7.15pm   : Third session of sword fighting and archery followed by prize giving.

8.00pm   : Archery on horses by the group equestrian Capalle.

Location 3 : The Little Theater

11.30am :
Puppet show "The witch who wanted to be queen"

4.15pm   : 
Puppet show "The legend of the white knight"
followed by Fakir on his bed of nails.

5.45pm   : 
Puppet show "The mad adventure of the jester"

All day long : Medieval Musiciens will be on site "Sonneurs de Brann" and "La belle Aurore"